If you really want to become a care worker, AOI International Welfare College. Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture

  • Let’s aim for a care worker! A technical school that responds to you


As a declining birthrate and aging population, which is an issue in Japanese society, as a professional who
supports the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities, Care workers play an important role at the core of
the welfare and care industry.

At our school, in order to train a care worker who is a care specialist, equipped with a new training building and
the latest training equipment, we will strive to develop highly specialized human resources.

Also, in order to realize the globalization of nursing care, it is a campus with a rich international flair, with
international students from overseas.
We will do our best to train all Japanese and international students who aim to become care workers.

Let’s take the first step to be a care worker at our school! Let’s make your dreams come true!

Principal Tamai H.

Building spirit

Our school aims to “cure”and “prevent”, which is the
spirit of the Aoikai Group, comprehensive care for a
healthy life by achieving a high level of balance,
practicing the “heart of welfare” in nursing care settings.
We will strive to train care workers.

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Educational policy

1. Admission policy

Our school is aimed at domestic and foreign students who aim to specialize in support and nursing care. We aim to acquire national qualifications for care workers in a 2-year curriculum.The elderly and people with disabilities in our aging society, we are looking for “safe care”. At our vocational school, we aim to be a care worker with a lot of compassion and sensitivity. We are looking for enthusiastic and humanistic students who will be widely active in the field of welfare.

2. Curriculum policy

The curriculum of the Department of Care and Welfare at our school is based on “care”, “human and society”, “how the mind and body work”. Nursing care practices will integrate knowledge and skills learned on-campus and practical training learned off-campus.

Among them, in the”nursing process” to develop the ability of nursing care service.
We will gradually integrate knowledge and technology such as “assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation”.

In addition, in order to improve the nursing care ability of international students, “Japanese for nursing care” and “Business Japanese”, we also have our own courses such as “Sign Language”.

3. Policy for awarding specialists (diplomatic policy)

In the care and welfare department, we have completed the prescribed courses of education and social welfare specialized courses. Professional diplomas will be awarded to students who meet all of the following requirements.

  • 〈1〉Those who have been enrolled in the Nursing and Welfare Department of our school for two years or more and have taken the prescribed courses
  • 〈2〉Those who have reached the reference point in each subject(including nursing care training)in the regular examination conducted at the end of the term
  • 〈3〉Those who have been judged by the academic conference that they have the personality insight and a healthy spirit appropriate for completing the nursing care welfare department.
  • 〈4〉Those who have paid the prescribed tuition and other expenses


Various support that supports student life


There’s a scholarship and scholarship system


There are many nursing homes in and near Ibaraki Prefecture.


We support employment at many nursing care facilities in Ibaraki, Chiba, Tokyo, and near areas.


AOI International Welfare College

1-2-1 Arakawaoki, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 300-0874
TEL 029-828-6770
JR Joban Line, get off at Arakawaoki Station, 2 minutes walk from
West Exit


Application reception, request for materials, open campus inquiry

We are looking forward to hear from you if you are interested to become care worker.

AOI International Welfare College Entrance Examination Secretariat

TEL: 029-828-6770(weekdays 9:00 to 17:00)

MAIL: aoi-fukushi@aoikai.ac.jp

We are looking for full-time teachers and part-time teachers!

Recruitment of full-time teachers/part-time teachers

We are looking for those who have nursing care worker/nurse qualifications and have completed the nursing teacher training course.
If you are interested in a care worker training school, we are waiting for your application.

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General Affairs Division, AOI International Welfare College

TEL: 029-828-6770(weekdays 9:00 to 17:00)

MAIL: aoi-fukushi@aoikai.ac.jp

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