If you really want to become a care worker, AOI International Welfare College. Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture

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Privacy policy

Please read the following contents carefully, and if you agree please check and proceed to the confirmation screen.

The AOI International Welfare College (hereinafter referred to as “The School”) recognizes that protecting personal information is a social responsibility and an essential requirement for earning the trust of society and promoting educational activities. .. The University will consider the appropriate management and use of customer’s personal information and will implement the following activities.

1. Management of Personal Information

The School appoints a person in charge of managing the personal information of the customer and manages it appropriately in accordance with the regulations regarding the protection of personal information of the University.

2. Purpose of Use and Scope of Collection

If you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., we will inform you in advance of the purpose of use and the contact point for inquiries, and will keep your personal information within an appropriate range. We will collect it.

3. Use of personal information

As a general rule, use of personal information shall be performed within the scope of consent. In addition, for purposes other than collection purposes, we will only use it within the minimum necessary range for business of the University.

4. Prohibition of provision/disclosure to third Parties

The University will not provide or disclose your personal information to a third party unless there is a legitimate reason such as when you have consented to it or when you are requested to disclose it under the law.

5. Supervision of Subcontractors

In order to achieve the purpose of use that the College has consented to, the University will strictly manage personal information at the same level as the University when it discloses the customer’s personal information to the subcontractor. We will make appropriate supervision such as making it obligatory by contract and implementing this.

6. Ensuring and Improving Information Security

The University will continue to strive to secure and improve information security in order to prevent leakage, loss, and falsification of customers’ personal information.

7. Education and Awareness

We will educate and educate all officers and employees to understand the importance of protecting personal information and handle personal information of customers appropriately.

8. Response to disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

The College will not provide or disclose the personal information collected from customers to a third party except in the following cases.

  • ・When disclosure is required by law.
  • ・When the College determines that it is appropriate to answer the inquiry from the customer directly from the partner company of the University.
  • ・In case of providing and jointly using a cooperative company of our College after taking appropriate protection measures.
  • ・When the prior consent of the customer is obtained.
  • ・When necessary to prevent serious damage to the lives, health, property, etc. of customers and the general public.
  • ・When there is a disclosure request from a public institution by authority based on the law.

If you wish to disclose or correct your personal information, we will confirm that you are the person who requested it and will respond within a reasonable period and range. Let me do it.

9. Continuous Review and Improvement

In addition to complying with laws and ordinances related to personal information protection, the university will continuously review and improve personal information protection efforts in response to changes in the social environment.